Comin’ To Our Senses

Comin’ To Our Senses

Preach brings the message, “Comin’ To Our Senses.”

Sermon Outline

  • Have you ever come to your senses?
  • Rules make us feel safe.
  • We have the ability to change our minds, but God changes our hearts.
  • What you think dictates your beliefs actually dictates the quality of your life.
  • You have to change your actions.
  • You have to change your beliefs before you change your actions.
  • You have to change your thinking before you change your beliefs.
  • We know > We think > We believe > We live.
  • You change your actions from the inside, not outside pressure.
  • God’s wrath was completely satisfied when Jesus died on the cross; so He will never be mad at you.

Today’s Scriptures

Luke 15:17-19

Mark 1:14-15

Romans 12:2

1 John 4:16

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