Prepare Now Ride for a Lifetime

Prepare Now Ride for a Lifetime

2018  Riding Season Opener

On Saturday, 24 March 2018, bikers, riders, and those interested to learn more about riding gathered at the church for good eats and class time. Attendees came from Crosspointe and the surrounding community.

Bikers love BBQ and picnic sides and were not disappointed this day.  One of the hallmarks of Crosspointe is how the body comes together to put on 1st class, memorable events. Thank you to our volunteers who prepared the food, served it, helped with clean up, and classroom set up.

After our meal time, Jim, Jesse, Karl, and Pastor Chris taught classes on motorcycle walkarounds, maintenance, gear, accessories, safety, long riding, and group or pack riding.

There were many questions and extra pointers provided by attendees, making the time together interactive and interesting.

Just before we started, Pastor Chris recorded this live video from the event.

You can download the class materials here:  PDF Download All Slides and Internet Links