Good Friday Service, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Service 2019

Good Friday Service, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Service 2019

Crosspointe Loves People

On Friday, April 19th Crosspointe Biker Church held our first Good Friday communion.  We had around 150 people come to hear worship led by Undeserved, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming,” by S. M. Lockridge, read by Preach, then took communion; all set up in an intimate atmosphere.

Crosspointe Loves Kids

On Saturday, April 20th  Crosspointe Biker Church held our annual Easter egg hunt for children ages from nursery to 6th grade.   The kids went wild, grabbing eggs that were arranged to be hunted.  Overall there were 6,000 eggs hunted by the kids!

Crosspointe Loves Jesus

On Sunday, April 21st Crosspointe Biker Church held both the 9:00 am and 11:00 am services which brought in 533 members and guests.  What was even more amazing was not only did we get to witness four baptisms but we were able to welcome 20 more people to a life with Christ.  The blessings were in great abundance over the weekend.

Crosspointe Biker Church would like the thank all the volunteers that made this weekend a success.  Thank you to all those who filled the 6,000 Easter eggs, helped with the communion, helped with the organization of the hunt, helped with the cooking, helped parking cars, helped greet our visitors and members, helped with adding all the extra chairs, helped with all the youth in scooter school, and helped making the coffee.  A special thanks to all who donated the bibles, bicycles, chain, gift card, grill, and the TV also.  Last, but not least, thank you Undeserved for leading us in worship and to Preach for being the vessel that brought the Word of God to us.