Bible Study

Bible Study

Dec 26, 2022 – May 8, 2023

Full Throttle

Dylan and Claire Presson will teach 7th grade thru 12th grade about living a Christian life with games and lessons.  Bring your young adults in for lifelong learning that will help them prepare for the world.
Apr 3, 2023

Men’s Small Group – Jesse Sorrell

New Testament Bible Study – Covers the books of Matthew to Revelation with video teaching and discussion led by Jesse Sorrell.
Apr 4, 2023

Women’s Small Group

Focus on 52 female heroes in Scripture, and you’ll discover yourself in the process. Women of the Bible: 52 Bible Studies for Individuals and Groups is designed especially for those who want to delve more deeply, either alone or in a group, into the lives of women like Ruth, Anna, Esther, Leah, Rachel, Mary, Elizabeth, and other women who encountered the living God. This study edition of the bestseller, Women of the Bible, includes an introduction to each woman, major…