Bible Study

Bible Study

Mar 8, 2021

Full Throttle

Dylan and Claire Presson will teach 7th grade thru 12th grade about living a Christian life with games and lessons.  Bring your young adults in for lifelong learning that will help them prepare for the world.
Mar 9, 2021

Women’s Small Group

Join other women in our Tuesday morning small group lead by Edia Grey.  She will be leading women through the Bible.
Apr 4, 2021

Risen Sunday 2021

Easter Sunday Service On Easter Sunday, Crosspointe will offer an 11:00 am service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the newness of life that He offers to all people. You’ll be energized and uplifted by the worship and encouraged by Pastor Chris’s timely message. Nursery thru 2 years old, boy and girl Easter baskets 3 thru 4-year-old boy and girl bicycles K thru 1st-grade boy and girl bicycles 2nd thru 3rd-grade boy and girl bicycles 4th thru 6th-grade  boy…