Contributing Photos Videos Stories

Contributing Photos Videos Stories

Submitting Photos, Videos, and Stories to Crosspointe

We have two ways available to you for getting your photos, videos, and stories to the church for publishing on the website or yearbook.  Pick the method that works best for you.  If you need help please ask Kyle or Jason at church.

  • Bring your phone,  camera, USB stick to church (best way if you have a lot of photos or videos)
  • Email or Text

At Church

If you have a lot of pictures or videos, please see Kyle or Jason at church and we will arrange to copy them directly to our laptop before or after service. If you have a USB cable that attaches to your phone or camera, please bring it to church.

Email or Text

Using your cell phone, you can use the “text” application or email application to submit your photos or stories, please do not send videos using text or email.

Only text or email 10 pictures at a time.  More than 10 risks having them rejected because the message size is large.

Most “text” applications allow you to “text” to a phone number or an email address.  So you can either “text” your photos or you can use your email application and email your photos.

Text or email photos or stories to

Using your desktop, you can email your photos or stories, please do not send videos using email.  When you have multiple photos, please zip them up and send the zip file.

Please include some information that explains the photos, for example, Chili Cook-Off, Men’s Retreat, Woman’s Breakfast, etc.