8th Annual Bike Blessing, Ride, and Hog Roast

8th Annual Bike Blessing, Ride, and Hog Roast

125 Bikes Blessed!

On Saturday, 12 May 2018 Crosspointe blessed 125 bikes and riders. This was the highest attendance we have had.

A bike blessing is prayers for the rider and motorcycle for this riding season, asking God to keep the rider alert, aware of their surroundings, for safe travels, for wildlife to stay in the forest, for drivers around them to see them, and for mechanical issues to be discovered during maintenance and not on the road. The bike blessing also provides Crosspointe an opportunity to connect with riders in the community that may not attend our fellowship.

After the bike blessing, everyone took off on a fun ride, stopping a covered bridge, and for a light snack.

When the bikes rolled in, dinner was served.  This year our pit crew (pictured below) got up early and started roasting a whole hog for the event.  Many Crosspointe volunteers helped prepare and serve dinner and do the event cleanup.  Thank you, volunteers, for all you did and do at Crosspointe, your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated by all and the Lord.

Short video of the bikes pulling out of Crosspointe.

Short video of the bikes riding down the road.