1st Annual Chili Cook-Off

1st Annual Chili Cook-Off

On Saturday, 10 Feb 2018 Crosspointe held their 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off. The love and fellowship which is the hallmark of Crosspointe shined ever so bright. It was a time of sharing and joy.

Thirteen contestants, many first timers to Cook-Offs, laid it all on the line, blessing attendees with their Chili.

A wide range of Chili was available, from sweet to 3 alarm, we had it all and it was all yummy!  The church supplied a large pot of Chili-Mac to feed attendees after they did their taste testing. Outstanding biker Chili and fellowship.

Also available were the cool Chili Cook-Off T-shirts, thank you to everyone for making these available.

The kids had a coloring contest and won very cool prizes. Many smiling faces and a good showing of our teens made for a well-rounded a fun family event.

Chili Cook-Off winners received a  heavy duty handmade cutting board and plaque.  Thank you to those that made these prizes.  Pictures of the prizes can be viewed in the below picture gallery.

Events like this Chili Cook-Off require a lot of planning, coordination, and volunteers to pull off this successful. A special thanks to everyone involved in planning this event, getting prizes, setting up, and tearing down after the event. Without the passionate and expert help, events like this would not be conducted or would lack.

Mark your calendar, because the 2019 Chili Cook-Off will be epic! See you there.